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ArtKids_IgboTech. focuses on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions provision which includes various ICT knowledge transfer and infrastructural management Systems.

ArtKids_IgboTech Method of work (Knowledge transfer).


The role of ICT in organizing and enriching businesses and Business owners can no longer be neglected. Using the computer a helper, every business is digitized, developed, organized, promoted and marketed. Using the Internet and time zones, every business can generate income while the business owners sleep or recreate. The only obstacle preventing most business owners from being served and enriched by various technologies is their inability to operate computer/Internet gadgets. ICT4BUSINESS teaches business owners how to use their Smartphone, Laptops or desktop computers as well as the Internet to better organize their businesses and enrich themselves. Register For ICT4BUSINESS 2020 Make enquires.


Apart from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) intervention, there are other technologies designed to facilitate the smooth operation of every giving venture. From Machines to tools, gadgets and systems, our Technologies4Business consultants will advice business owners on the right technologies to deploy so as to have their businesses and operational loads drastically reduced. This is achieved by having technologies run your business for you on daily bases. For all your technology interventions 2020, consult ArtKids Technologies4Business. Consult Us

Technologies for Education

Knowledge acquisition and transfer have never been needed in any other century than this 21st Century. The reason is found in the dynamism, speed and accuracy with which affairs are handled in our modern societies. Ours is to advice, supply and train the trainers who in turn transfer the acquired knowledge to students from one institution to another. There are various Technologies needed to adequately deliver knowledge in a better-to-innerstand manners. Think of Computers, Servers, Computer Peripherals, Media, Networks, Internet, Communication gadgets etc. ArtKids Int'l Corp. not only trains the trainers on these technologies but also supplies, installs, manages and maintains these and many other systems. To have your trainers trained, Contact ArtKids Technologies for Education 2020.


As Computer Technology and the Internet swallow everything on their path, leadership was not left behind. The digitization of leadership makes it easy for both the leaders and the led to interact, discover bottlenecks and find solutions to societal challenges. A good example is "official leadership websites". These websites are created following the structures and functions of leadership. This way, operations, communications, delegation of responsibilities, monitoring, projects implementations, coordination, publicity etc. are better organized for everyone. Effortlessly, the leaders leads the people to their own benefit.

Internet Solutions.

These days, if your business lacks own website and email address, serious business folks avoid dealing with you. In addition, your internet connection, knowledge and digitization guarantee business success. When we speak of "Globalization", we mean that everyone has been brought together and can work together irrespective of distance or immigration bottlenecks. The Internet has made it easy for us to communicate with potential business partners as well as family and friends around the world.  ArtKids Internet Solutions enables you to have your own place in this Global Village. From Internet connection to Email configuration, Web design, Application development to E-commerce and E-payment systems and subsystems, ArtKids Intl. Corp. will firmly stand by you. Contact us today.

Email Configurations/usage

Nothing undermines your seriousness and the lucratively of your business than FREE E-mail address such as [email protected] or [email protected] The modern-day business norm dictates that a serious business must have both her own website and her own email system with email address as [email protected] or [email protected] This is the reason why most of your correspondence get trashed and never replied.  Contact ArtKids Foundation today and have your business emails professionally configured.

Computer Technology Trainings.

"...the illiterates of the 21st century are not those who cannot read or write but those who cannot make use of computer technologies". Also, from 2020, computer technology illiterates will not be able to buy or sell. This is because everything is being digitized worldwide. Cashless economy means that you will no more be able to pay with cash but via digital payment systems such as E-payment. In view of these mandatory changes, it is important that you get digitally upgraded through ArtKids Computer Technology Trainings. Once digitally upgraded, you can build a reasonable career on Computer Technology and earn enough money to enjoy your life. Enrol into ArtKids Computer Technology Trainings 2020.

Anti-Virus Configuration.

Just as Human viruses such as Ebola and Corona viruses, innocent computers are as well targets and intentionally infected by rouge applications designed to either harm your computer or steal your data. Fortunately, Anti-Virus companies have been writing Anti-Virus software to prevent and/or eliminate viruses from your Computer systems.  Once you purchase or acquire an Anti-Virus software, your next challenge becomes it's Configuration. Here is where ArtKids jumps in. Let ArtKids Intl. Corp. professionally configure your Anti-Virus software and guarantee safe computing and safe internet browsing. Request for ArtKids Anti-Virus installation and Configurations.

Remote Desktop

With ArtKids Remote Desktop Technology, distance is no more a barrier when it comes to Computer system maintenances. Once you call ArtKids_ICT and reports a system malfuntion, our 1st and 2nd level certified ArtKids_ICT technician would request your permission to log into your Computer or System using ArtKids Remote Desktop. Once you grant the requested permission, ArtKids​ technician, irrespective of distance, securely takes over your computer and fixed the challenge using ArtKids_ICT Remote Desktop Solution. Register with ArtKids_ICT Helpdesk now.

ArtKids Computer Helpdesk.

Are you a Registered Artkids_ICT Helpdesk client? If not, Click here to register. Once your payment is received, ArtKids_ICT activates your token as ArtKids_ICT Helpdesk Client (ACH) Client number is accorded you. With your ACH number you are assured of ArtKids_ICT Helpdesk intervention. Depending on the technical challenge confronting you; as well as distance, ArtKids_ICT decides wether to visit your location where the tech-challenge involves hardware breakdown or use ArtKids_ICT Remote Desktop to login in case of software challenge.

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