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ArtKids_MultiMedia not only produces jaw-breaking documentaries, Movies, Video~Clips, Adverts and Cartoons, ArtKids_MultiMedia also manages the entire production, publicity,  promotion and marketing of audiovisual materials.


The plural of Medium is Media creatively speaking. ArtKid’s definition of Media covers a wide range of Creative Natural Talents~these include but are not limited to Music, Movies, Comedy, Acting, Decorations, Colours, Theatricals, Showbiz, Exhibitions, Demos, Clips, Production, beauty, Fashion, promotion etc. Ours is to discover, groom, coach and nurture talents until they are fully discovered. ArtKids Media Production team caters for your professional audiovisual productions as well as corresponding promotions using the Internet as a driver. From movie production, Video clips, Documentaries, Advertisements, Corporate/family events to music production, roadshows organizations, equipment hiring etc. ArtKids MultiMedia is ready to professionally cover you. Book us now...


Since you can now own, run and earn from your own TV Channel via YouTube and other platforms, you can make the documentary​ of any of your various daily activities especially your profession, work, occupation, researches, knowledge, recreations, birthdays, Traditional wedding or even the exposure of your natural heritages. ArtKids MultiMedia guarantees a professional coverage of any of the aforementioned activities. Via ArtKids MultiMedia, you can now open and run your own income-generating YouTube Tv Channel and/or have your events professionally covered. Contact ArtKids Multi-Media.


Knowledge Transfer remains an assured way of preserving knowledge for our future generations.  Blessed with knowledgeable Multimedia trainers, ArtKids MultiMedia College is training  the youths on Event Management's, Music production, Media Production, Camera works, Audiovisual Editing, Graphic design, Movie Production, Documentary production, Software, Hardware and Digital presentations. ArtKids Multi-Media Consults for reputable institutions around the world.

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Contact Director of Media

Bastiaan “Yahemeka” Bijleveld

Chairman/Director of Media/Creativity

e: [email protected] 
t: +31(0)6 843 405 90 

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